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Lomi Massage & COVID-19

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Aloha Esteemed Clients,

As concerns grow and information continues to be released regarding Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. Ola Mai I Loko Mai would like to reassure all of our clients that we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We would like to also reiterate that we are continuing to uphold Professional Massage Therapists Sanitation and Safety Standards and Department of Health Standards.

We abide by all health, hygiene, and safety protocols and standards; our licensed massage therapists wash our hands before and after each client throughout the day. Used linens are removed from massage tables and stored prior to washing. All massage tables, bolsters, any equipment used throughout the massage, and all surfaces in contact with the client and the practitioner are sanitized and cleaned after each client. We are also sanitizing and sterilizing all door knobs and handles, table and chair surfaces, and any other impervious surfaces that anyone may have had contact with before, during, and after seeing a client.

Please keep your appointment, if you are NOT exhibiting flu-like symptoms, have not traveled outside of the country or been on a cruise within the last 2 months, or have not been exposed to COVID-19 to your knowledge. One of the many benefits of Massage Therapy is to strengthen your immune system, by increasing the activity levels of white blood cells that assist with combatting sicknesses. Thus scheduling regular massage therapy sessions can help strengthen your immune system keeping it strong and resilient.

Though if you aren’t feeling well, exhibiting flu-like symptoms, exposed to someone or situation involving COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus, please stay home and cancel your appointment. Though we kindly ask that you respect our 24 hour cancellation policy.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us directly via:

Phone or Text: 949-549-9458

Mahalo for your continued aloha and support,

Ola Mai I Loko Mai

Kau’i Auwae and Elijah Auwae-Nihipali

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