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Ola Mai I Loko Mai

Lomi ~ Massage: Welcome
Hot Stone Massage

Traditional Lomi

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At Ola Mai I Loko Mai, we offer Traditional Kanaka Maoli Lomi here in Seattle. Experience the aloha, the powerful healing, and beauty of Hawai'i in the Pacific Northwest.

Lomi ~ Massage: Services

Lomi ~ Massage

60 minutes ~ $130     90 minutes ~ $180      120 minutes ~ $240

Traditional Lomi is a Kanaka Maoli, Native Hawaiian massage modality, a sacred healing art handed down from generation to generation. A deeply relaxing and restorative massage that embraces various techniques and body stretching. Ideal to relieve muscular tension and mental fatigue, while soothing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.

Lomi Kanaka Lua ~ Couples Massage

60 minutes ~ $240     90 minutes ~ $340

Two Licensed Massage Therapists will be on hand to provide you and your partner massages TWO-gether. Same time and space to enjoy and share a rejuvenating and relaxing experience of Traditional Lomi. Each session is catered specifically to you and your partner's needs. 
Couples Massages is specifically for two people; you and your sweetheart, your best friend, a loved one, or whomever you want to share a Traditional Lomi experience with.

Sauna & Lomi Package

Sauna 30 minutes and 90 Lomi Session $200.00
Sauna 30 minutes and 120 minutes Lomi Session $260.00

30 minutes in our Infrared Sauna followed by your choice of ​90 or 120 minutes of Lomi. Allowing the infrared heat in the Sauna to promote relaxation, stress relief, and release your muscular system prior to receiving your Lomi session. Pure Heated Lomi BLISS....

Please be aware that your undressing time prior to Sauna use and procession to table after Sauna use for your Lomi is included in your 30 minutes of alotted time for Sauna & Lomi Package. Therefore depending upon how fast or slow you undress and the amount of time it takes you to get to the table for your Lomi, will affect your total time in Sauna and possibly your Lomi session time. 

For example: Estimated Times Below

5 minutes to undress

23 minutes in Sauna

2 minutes to get on Lomi Table

TOTAL: 30 minutes of Sauna Time

Lomi 'Ili'ili Wela ~ Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes ~ $145     90 minutes ~ $195

The energy and warmth of basalt and lava stones deepen the benefits of a full body Lomi. Healing stones helps to relieve muscle tension, pain, as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

Lomi Hapai/Hanau ~ Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

60 minutes ~ $135     90 minutes ~ $185

Relaxation, relief, restoration, and self care for mothers to be, all while nurturing your bundle of joy within.

Lomi Couples Massage Class

120 minutes $345     180 minutes $445

Private Couples class taught onsite at Ola Mai I Loko Mai. A class catered specifically for you and your partner to share and explore the nurturing, therapeutic, relaxing benefits of massage together.

This is an amazing opportunity to deepen the connection with between you and your partner. Your instructor will share and teach you both massage strokes and techniques, yoga poses, tantric exercises, meditation and breathing exercises to help alleviate tension, stress, and muscle aches in your partner and self.

Class Outline: May vary per couple requests or needs and instructor. 


Centering and Connecting Meditation.

Chair Massage Demonstration with Client Participation.

Massage Instruction ~ Client works one on one with Massage Instructor on Partner on Table.

4 Handed Massage ~ Client and Massage Instructor.

Closing Meditation.

This class does require two people, we encourage you to attend not just with your romantic partner but your family, friends, or anyone open to learning with you are superb candidates for this class.

We welcome and are open to all ages (18+) and all types of couples.

~ Lomi Session Packages ~

Mana Lomi Package: 3 ~ 60 minutes Lomi Sessions $300
Lanakila Lomi Package: 3 ~ 90 minutes Lomi Sessions $450

We are offering 2 separate bundled packages of Lomi Sessions. Allow these your multiple sessions to transform your whole being while focusing on bringing forth new mana (energy), nourishing your mind and soul, and restoring balance to your life.
~ Book Your Appointment by clicking the button below. Select your desired session length of time, follow the prompts to schedule your appointment and we will charge your package upon arrival.

Lomi ~ Massage: Image

Contact Us!

Ola Mai I Loko Mai is located in SODO at 1952 1st Ave S #5, Seattle, WA 98134.

Please wait in your car and text 949-549-9458 upon your arrival for your appointment. Our building front door is LOCKED at ALL TIMES.

Our office building is one building north of the Starbucks on 1st Avenue S and directly across from Macrina Bakery and Cafe.

Should you be arriving by car; there is free street parking on a first come first serve basis. Street parking is available on 1st Avenue S, across the street from Starbucks drive thru on Walker Street, or along Occidental Avenue S. A paid parking lot is also available next to Macrina Bakery and Cafe or across from the Starbucks headquarters a few blocks south on 1st Avenue S.

Transit options is also readily available. 

Bus Line #21 is outside the building.

Both Stadium or SODO Link Rail Stations  are nearby.

Mahalo nui loa for choosing Ola Mai I Loko Mai, we are truly grateful.

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1952 1st Ave S #5 Seattle, WA 98134

(949) 549-9458

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