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Lohe Pono

The definition of Lohe Pono, is to listen carefully, attentive, to hear correctly.

How does Lohe Pono apply to Lomi and Hoʻoponopono?

Lohe Pono within a Traditional Lomi or Hoʻoponopono session is of the utmost importance. As Lomi and Hoʻoponopono practitioners, we must utilize Lohe Pono to truly listen to the needs of our client. A practitioner must put aside their own ego and thoughts of self. To understand their needs on all levels not just physical but spiritual, emotional, and mental as well. As each client is a unique individual their needs will be vastly different. Therefore each session is tailored specifically to their personal and unique needs and goals. Lomi and Hoʻoponopono practitioners must practice Lohe Pono each time we meet a client no matter how many times we have seen that particular client. Each session with our client we must be in Lohe Pono as the clients needs may or will have changed due to previous work done or changes in their life, diet, exercise, food, etc.

  • Traditional Lomi and Hoʻoponopono is listening with not just your physical self but with your spiritual self.

  • Traditional Lomi and Hoʻoponopono is actively listening to your client with all your senses, physical and spiritual, in order to be the instrument of healing.

  • Traditional Lomi and Hoʻoponopono is releasing your ego in order to Lohe Pono and be the instrument of healing.

  • Traditional Lomi and Hoʻoponopono is listening carefully and attentively, Lohe Pono, to your Kupuna, Aumākua, and Akua.

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