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First Time Lomi Appointment?

First time Lomi Massage appointment? Not sure what to expect? Uncomfortable with being naked? No worries, below are a few facts if you’ve never had a professional massage before.

1. Intake - Every session begins with an intake, this is in addition to the intake form emailed to you. Intake upon your arrival allows us to determine your goals and needs for your session, any injuries or conditions we need to know, pain levels, and other pertinent information.Your privacy is of utmost importance - We will always provide you (and partner if you’re here for a couples massage) with privacy to undress. Whether we step out of room or you are behind a wall or curtain, your privacy is paramount.

2. Which leads us to Undressing - YOU undress to your comfort level. If you prefer to keep your underwear on or be completely nude that’s completely up to you. If you specifically request shoulder upper, mid, low back, or glute work we may ask for you to remove your shirt and/or bra. We are able to provide a completely clothed massage if you prefer. Techniques maybe slightly different completely clothed though you will receive a fantastic Lomi session nonetheless. There aren’t any requirements regarding undressing every session is about YOU and your Comfort Level.

3. Draping is crucial - We will always respect your personal privacy and boundaries. We only uncover the portion of your body that is receiving massage. Draping allows you to remain covered in your private areas while getting the therapy and relaxation you need and deserve.

4. Judgement Free Zone - No worries, we’ve seen it all; scars, stretch marks, acne, discolorations, blemishes, moles, wrinkles, unshaven legs, you name it and I’m quite sure we’ve seen it. Don’t let the items above or anything hold you back from booking and receiving a massage. We aren’t here to judge you or your body we are here to provide you with an amazing massage that you deserve.

5. Communication is key - if at any time you feel uncomfortable, pressure is too heavy or too light, or you feel any pain, numbness, or tingling please let us know immediately. Communicating your needs allows us to adjust to ensure your experience is a great one.

Hmmmmm I think that’s it.... your first time receiving a massage isn’t anything to freak out about. Here at Ola Mai I Loko Mai your comfort level and privacy is our priority. We want you to feel at ease and comfortable at your first massage experience.

Book your appointments online at our website. Mahalo nui loa for your aloha and support 🌺

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