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ʻIke nō ka lā o ka ʻike, mana nō ka lā o ka mana.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

ʻŌlelo Noʻeau 1169 ~ Knowledge and mana, each has its day. Another day may bring greater knowledge and greater mana than today.

Every day is a new day. What has occurred the day before, last week, or even 2 years ago is now unchangeable. You may build, expand, or grow upon what occurred any particular day, though you cannot go back in time to change it. (Though if you do have a time machine I am totally down for giving it a whirl, just saying!!) Knowing this, it is in our best interests, if we move forward daily knowing that today or tomorrow will bring us greater knowledge and greater mana. As an individual and as a collective we should be striving to reach higher heights, experience deeper connections, continuing to expand our knowledge, and elevating our Mana.

Every day is a new day. We have choices each morning we awaken to greet the new day. These choices we make on a daily basis when we awaken is our accountability to OURSELVES. Accountability to our journey, to our family, and to our Kupuna. As individuals, we can either make the choice to continue to move forward despite any obstacles, hindrances, or blocks in our path or we choose can stay in place. I know I know, some days are definitely harder than others to continue to move forward on our huakaʻi (journey). While others are smashingly easy to get up and get going. Though by staying in the same place, we are essentially stagnant, stationary, and immobile. We will not be able to make the necessary changes in our lives or experience much needed growth. As it is through movement that we are able to allow ourselves to flow and proceed forth to what Nā Akua, Nā Aumākua, a me Nā Kupuna have in store of us.

Every day is a new day to learn new lessons from all we experience on our huakaʻi. These new lessons further help us to evolve and transform, as we are all works in progress. Yet at the same time we need to make peace with knowing that sometimes learning new lessons are best learned the hard way. If someone tells you life, living, or continuing forward is easy….. I would say they are deeply mistaken. Life and her lessons are not easy at times and for a lack of a better expression, hard as F*%K! Though I truly believe it is our reaction to these hard learned lessons that will make all the difference in our everyday lives. Do you allow those hard lessons to knock you down and keep you down? Or do you get back up, no matter how beat up you may be, dust yourself off and keep going? Again it comes back full circle to making choices and being accountable to yourself.

Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to expand and elevate our knowledge and increase our mana. As our Kupuna recognized each has its day and another day may bring forth greater knowledge and greater mana than today.

May you continue to find greater knowledge and greater mana daily.

Mahalo piha, Kauʻi Auwae

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